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INSPIRATION | R.I.P Ramallzee and Nujabes

I think that truly great artists will always live on through their work, so upon hearing this sad news it is with the greatest respect that I write this post in hope that I just may introduce somebody out there who hasn’t already seen or heard of these two great creative minds.

Rammellzee R.I.P – A pioneer and originator in one of the most exciting eras of art and culture.

Free MP3 Download: Rammellzee & Shockdell – Live At The Amphitheater

Nujabes AKA Jun Seba R.I.P – An amazing hip-hop artist, music producer and music composer.

Free MP3 Download: Nujabes – Reflection Eternal

Thanks for the memories and in the words of Rammellzee – “Death is not the end, just a change in forms”

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