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PRINTS | Screen Printing: ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ – A2 Screen Print Now Available To Buy

My third screen print is now available to buy online in Framedink Shop/Store.

Title: A2 Limited Edition Screen Print – The Elephant’s Graveyard

Edition: Total of 50 in Edition.

All Prints are Signed/Numbered and Dated.

Colours: Yellow/Red/Black.

Size: A1 – 42x59cms (Made to fit Ikea 50x70cm or 70x100cm Ribba Frame)

Please Note: Frames Not Included.

Description: A large hand pulled Screen Print. ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ print comes from a piece of work called ‘The Party is Over’ in which I used the acid house smiley face over a skull to represent the death of the acid house scene. ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ is a place where, according to legend, older elephants instinctively direct themselves when they reach a certain age. They then die there alone, far from the group. The term is also a metaphor for a resting place of a collection, group or type. The composition is based on that of The Scream by Edvard Munch using the psychological phenomenon of Pareidolia as a form of stimulus.

Please note: If you have any questions about shipping please don’t hesitate to enquire via Contact Section.

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Part Three

As you will see below I’ve been busy! The good thing is I now actually have some analogue art in the form of Limited Edition Screen Prints and T-shirts that you can touch and more importantly to my mortgage lender…hopefully buy!

I have really been enjoying my time in the studio if not hammering it, some may even deem me to be a screen print bore…but the upside of all this is I have another two prints on the way and will be moving to some bigger one off canvas pieces in summer.

I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but if you have been following my Blog for a while you will see this print contains the Acid Skull with a few new elements like Indian Elephants and Mushrooms thrown in pot.

Print will be available to buy shortly.

Take care.

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