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COMPETITION | Win a Set of Prints

The Competition: Okay so it isn’t really a competition, it’s more a case of me asking you the online community to do me a huge favour and help me out, in return I will give you a set of prints as a token of my appreciation.

Ok so this is how it goes – Have you got Traffic? Have you got Followers? Are you a Blogger? A Tweeter? Facebooker? A Creative Image Bookmarker? Writer? Magazine Editor? Got a FFFound or NOTCOT.org Account or know someone who has? Do you DIGG? Do you know someone who owns a Shop or Gallery that is willing to stock my prints? Know someone who needs an Illustrator? You get the picture, I’m online begging…I need exposure!

1. Simply post one of the images included in this post (or all 5 if you are feeling really generous) along with the hyperlink to my Online Shop. Bonus points if you write something about me or my work (copy and paste from my description would be the easiest way)

2. Send me hyperlinks to your posts so I can monitor your endevours (or send me contact details of people who may be able to help me)

3. I will post the results to the top 5 beavers/helpers/brothers & sisters weekly via the comments box below.

The Winner: will be the person who post’s the images supplied along with the hyperlink to my shop to the most relevant website which also gets me the most hits and sales via referrals.

Closing Date: August 10th.

I understand It’s a big ask but if you don’t ask you don’t get, even the smallest efforts will be much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

There will also be runners up prizes of prints for those of you that really catch my imagination, are helpful, friendly, supportive and generally kind…

Thank You.

Hyperlink’s to Post:



Images to Post:

For Collectors Rewards and Wholesale Prices to Gallery and High Street Traders Enquire via Contact Section.

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