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GRAFFITI | Some 90’s Memories – Hulme Crescents

Hulme Crescents 1

Here are a few shots I took at the 1995/96 ‘Graffiti Parties’ for a series of work based on the demolition and final days of the Hulme Crescents Manchester. The photos contain work by ELK, SHUN, KELZO & more

Hulme Crescents 2

“Hulme Cresents replaced the ‘Industrial Slums’ of the 1800’s and was an early example of ‘Modular Living’, by the 1970’s these tower blocks became a tough inner city council estate and by the mid 1980’s were all but a no go zone for the council, police and were a representation of poorly made impersonal housing estates of this time.”

Hulme Crescents Series

Hulme Crescents 3

“There Aint No Government Like No Government” – Anon 1995

“Why Dont You Leave The Travellers Alone You Scumbag” – Kelzo 1995

Hulme Crescents Series

Hulme Crescents 4

“Fuck Your Law We’re Not Criminals Just Poor” – Anon 1995

Hulme Crescents 5

“Smash the Criminal Justice Bill

Hulme Crescents 6

“From the mid eighties through to the mid nineties it became squat central and a hub for post punk idealism, acid house parties, graffiti, new age travellers and every counter culture imaginable.”


Hulme was also home to The PSV aka The Russell Club, Royce Road, Hulme – locally known for Reggae then Electro funk & Hip Hop as the P.S.V Caribbean Club with acts such as Barrington LevyEek A Mouse, Dennis Brown, Smiley Culture & Chad Jackson but Famous for early Factory Records, The Fall, Joy Divison, The Cure, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke.

Smash The Criminal Justice Bill and SAS Laws!

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MUSIC | ‘Death of Hi Fi – Anthropocene’ Album Artwork

Anthropocene Artwork


Bit of a delay on me posting this up but here is the album artwork I did as a favour for friend Andy Hill an Oxford based producer who independently funded and released album ‘Death of Hi Fi – Anthropocene‘ featuring AJ Live, Asher Dust, Astar, Bluprint, Chuckie, Copywrite, Dizzy Dustin, Half Decent, Mark Deez, N-Zyme, Stella, Thee Tom HardyTiger Mendoza and Whichcraft.

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MUSIC | Jenome – The Further Adventures of Radio Doom EP


The latest offering from Jenome ‘The Further Adventures of Radio Doom EP’ is a 4 track EP that Jenome describes as:

“The sewing together of musical history to create sound wormholes within the moment. Built using a combination of space age technology, deleted vibration tools, extreme listening, blindfolded timing, catacomb exploring and various vinyl clusters.”

Jenome is a Producer and DJ based in Liverpool. In 2007 Canteen Records released the track ‘Lost Colours’ on the compilation ‘Welcome to the Canteen’ which featured some of the UK’s finest Hip Hop artists of the last 20 years. Jenome is influenced by Space, Time, Multi Dimensions, Painting, Poetry, Robots, Cats and Music – producing a unique Science Fiction style Boom Bap Hip Hop that is handy for a good bounce or a modicum of pondering on the sofa.

“Jenome samples a lovely mix of dusty old records from ’60s Jazz to Spoken Word, adds his Hip Hop drums and a good measure of space echo to create a sound that makes you want to smoke something!”DJ Format.

The Further Adventures of Radio Doom EP is available via name your price here: jenome.bandcamp.com 

For DJ Bookings, Live, Production, Press Interviews or more information on Jenome’s up and coming shows along with details of forthcoming releases please contact or subscribe or below:

Email: geenome@gmail.com

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jenome

Twitter: @snowgnome

Artwork by www.framedink.com

Sonorous Productions | Radio Doom Entertainment

‘Born with Beats, Lives with Beats’

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PRINTS | J Dilla – Love (A Tribute)

“J Dilla – Love” was my entry to the Official J Dilla Tribute Art Contest. I have since put this to print for DILLA a Tribute/Benefit night on Friday 3rd Feb 2012 in Liverpool. Contribute to the legacy of J Dilla & help raise money for the J Dilla Foundation.

“J Dilla – Love” limited edition A3 (30x42cms) signed tribute screen print (50/50) BUY HERE! Available on the night and in store at Ran – Bold St Liverpool & Lost Art – Bold St Liverpool with proceeds donated to the J Dilla Foundation.

PRICE: £15 online, on the night and in store through Liverpool outlets (cash only) until 03/02/11 – £20 there after (So come on Ladies if your ‘Home Boy’ is into Hip Hop show your ‘Love’ this Valentines Day and support a good cause in the process!)

Hand pulled onto Canford Dreadnought Grey 300gsm Acid free paper using traditional screen printing techniques.

Contribute to the legacy of J Dilla & help raise money for the J Dilla Foundation.

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MUSIC | The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II

I absolutely love this album, an all time favorite with lots of good memories attached to it of a younger more care free existence! I recently had a good dig through my crates and came across Bizarre Ride II (which is nothing new as it has been on constant rotation!) difference was this time I looked at it like I had looked at it 19 years ago (yes 19 years ago…where did that go?!) as I stared deep into the roller coaster, noticing once more the dude falling out on the loop and getting all misty eyed it was then that I realised how much I freakin love and have always loved the album artwork!

So it is only now that I have actually taken the time to look at who did this magnificent piece of artwork, so love and respect goes to Slick K2S/ Fuct for Art Direction, Artwork.

You can check out Slick from K2S Crew, Los Angeles here at www.dissizslix.com and here he is back in the day speakin to Slammin Rap Video Magazine! “No Stencils, no special stencil tips or nuthin, just me and this can!”

Ah roomie zoom zim!

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MUSIC | No Fakin

Back in the late 90’s in Liverpool, United Kingdom – ‘two bruthas’ from ‘two dogs’ decided Liverpool was in need of a full on Hip Hop revolution, the venue for this revolution was The Zanzibar on Seel Street, Liverpool – to which was born one of the dopest Hip Hop nights the world has ever seen, that night was the one, the only – No Fakin.

No Fakin played host to the best DJ’s and MC’s Hip Hop has ever produced from Grandmaster Flash, The Souls Of Mischief, Prince Paul, The Beatnuts, L-Fudge, The Nextmen, Kool Herc, Rob Swift, DJ Bias, Mr Complex, Peter Parker, Scratch Perverts, YZ, Swollen Members, Ugly Duckling, Vadim, The Aboriginals, The Pharcyde, Madlib, Jeru The Damaja, Maseo, Jungle Brothers, Funky Fresh Few, El Da Sensei, Scratch Pervertz, All Natural, DJ Noize, Supernatural, DJ Spinna, Peanut Butter Wolf, Lootpack, Mark Rae, Chubby Grooves, DJ Yoda, Rock Steady Crew Breakers to name but a few. The club would be packed out and remains one of the livest atmospheres I have ever witnessed! It would even surprise those who thought they had seen a thing or two who had made the trip over the pond to Liverpool.

The No Fakin DJ’s have recently set up the No Fakin Blog which will tell this amazing story along with there current adventures, releases and anything else dope they find along the way.

Having designed an early No Fakin logo and a few of  their early flyers I will try and scan what I have, when I can, on what I can remember, which will be pretty limited as not until I dug out my old flyers did I see how much No Fakin had spoilt us, I suppose when your younger you take things for granted and it’s not until you start to look back that you realise you were part of something very special.

Still operating today they continue to bring the best of Hip Hop to Liverpool.

Check out there – Myspace page.

Free MP3 Download: – ‘No Fakin DJ’s – Give An Example’

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INSPIRATION | Afrika Bambaataa

Firstly got to say thanks and respect to Afrika Bambaataa for taking time to stop, say hello, shake my hand and sign my copy of ‘Renegades Of Funk’, thanks Bam!

Bam was in Liverpool for a Q&A event along with the American photographer and Author of ‘Who Shot Ya’ Ernie Paniccioli. Paniccioli has documented the Hip Hop scene, photographing legendary moments and artists from Grand Master Flash, Bambaataa, The Rock Steady Crew, Run DMC, KRS-One to Biggie Smalls and many more, the Q&A was followed by the UK premiere of ‘The Other Side of Hip Hop: The Sixth Element’, talking about Hip Hop culture and there experiences.

Unfortunately for me Sound City, FACT and We Are Boss Agency were anything but ‘Boss’ and well and truly messed up with 20 plus people being denied entry and I was one of the unlucky ones….gutted! The reason they gave being that the event was over booked? Now I’m not stupid, I know how these things work, people rock up late and its “you scratch my back, I’ll smooze you back”, the problem is with that set up is that this generally knocks back people who genuinely have a clue who these people are and have a genuine love for Hip Hop.

The only thing that prevented this from being a total wash out was that I saw Bam going to sign the wall of the venue for FACT so I ceased my oppurtunity to say hello and ask him if he could sign my copy of what has to be one of my all time favorite record covers – ‘Renegades of Funk’. Now I don’t usually go for the stalker/train spotter approach, in fact I’ve never accosted anyone in such a way but come on it was Afrika Bambaataa! Bam is such an influential figure in the history of Hip Hop that it needed to be done. Understandably on telling Bam the problem and that I couldn’t get in he said he wish he could help but it was out of his hands, but as I say he stopped and took time to sign my vinyl, he asked me if I was an artist which was strangely perceptive of him, so I gave him a card and promised I would send him a print, so if you read this Bam the offer still stands…Peace

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