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INTERVIEW | Andy Martin

Interview Format: This section aims to bring you interviews from artists/designers/illustrators who have influenced and inspired me along the way, hopefully they will inspire you too, whilst getting an insight into what makes them tick and how they work and create.

From a list of questions the interviewee can choose to answer as little or as many as they like, as long or as short as they like or have time for, explained or unexplained – but they are asked to answer only one option of either OR within the question…


Image-maker Andy Martin has kept abreast of shifting trends whilst holding onto a very distinctive style, most often identified by a nimble and cheeky wit.

An early adopter of the Apple Macintosh, (his illustrated cover graced issue number 2 of MacUser in the UK) he has constantly evolved and refined his approach to image making. His visual lexicon incorporates typography, abstraction, photography, info-graphics and more recently, moving images.

The cross -fertilization of ideas between his film work, the world of art and design and his love of music has created a bold portfolio of work, an ocean of notions. His constant quest for abstraction underpinned with a rigorous narrative ensures his work stays in demand. His range of clients who include; Nike, Ford Motors, British Telecom, Channel 4, Citibank, Disney, Condé Nast, New York Times and film work for Adobe Systems, The Rolling Stones, and Oasis are a testament to his flexible approach to problem solving, be it in the advertising, design, editorial or publishing arena.

With an agility for interpretation, having Andy on board can often turn a routine brief into a triumph of lateral ideas.

Q1. Delete or Save?

A1. Save! NEVER pass on the opportunity for a resale.

Q2. Where your from OR Where your at?

A2. Were you or Where you? There’s a difference.

Q3. Technology OR Tradition?

A3. Both…Technology can easily lead to conventional thinking ; )

Q4. Home OR Away?

A4. Both…Travel is great, your own bed the best.

Q5. Its what you know OR Its who you know?

A5. You know, ?no man is an island.

Q6. Wall OR Canvas?

A6. Digital media. Everytime.

Q7. Keeping it real OR Selling out?

A7. Now that just sounds like Ali G – next…

Q8. Underground OR Mainstream?

A8. Mainstream with a lingering whiff of underground.

Q9. Personal OR Social?

A9. Personal.

Q10. Sight OR Sound?

A10. Both. Like the great man said “All Transmitters to full, All receivers to boost”. (Joe Strummer – The Clash)

Q11. For the love of OR For the money?

A11. You can do both. I do.

Andy Martinwww.andy-martin.com

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