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MUSIC | The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II

I absolutely love this album, an all time favorite with lots of good memories attached to it of a younger more care free existence! I recently had a good dig through my crates and came across Bizarre Ride II (which is nothing new as it has been on constant rotation!) difference was this time I looked at it like I had looked at it 19 years ago (yes 19 years ago…where did that go?!) as I stared deep into the roller coaster, noticing once more the dude falling out on the loop and getting all misty eyed it was then that I realised how much I freakin love and have always loved the album artwork!

So it is only now that I have actually taken the time to look at who did this magnificent piece of artwork, so love and respect goes to Slick K2S/ Fuct for Art Direction, Artwork.

You can check out Slick from K2S Crew, Los Angeles here at www.dissizslix.com and here he is back in the day speakin to Slammin Rap Video Magazine! “No Stencils, no special stencil tips or nuthin, just me and this can!”

Ah roomie zoom zim!

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MUSIC | The Egyptian Lover – The Lover

The Eygptian Lover – is the one and only Mr Greg Broussard. Above is a little business card I dedicated to Mr Broussard after a friend introduced me to this sublime piece of electro ‘The Lover’ which is utter genius. The Eygptian Lover is from Los Angeles and bases his persona on a Eygptian Pharaoh, other tracks include “Freak-A-Holic” and “Egypt, Egypt”

Free MP3 Download: The Egyptian Lover – The Lover (12” Long Mix)

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