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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Flyers

During the printing process I decided to print some extra prints to cut down into small ‘Flyers’, these individual prints are unique  in themselves and will be used to launch the release of the finished prints, so keep your eyes peeled…

I found these recession busting rubber letter stamps for £0.99p, bargain, lets get dirty!

Using File binders to hold the wooden blocks that the rubber letters sit on in place they made quite nice stamps.

The results are Ye Olde Drunken Letterpress Typesetting…who needs Apple Macs?

Finished Prints will be available at Octopi Shop & Gallery, 81 Renshaw Street (Opposite Rapid near The Dispensary Pub)

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: ‘Love From Above’ – Large A1 Screen Print Now Available To Buy

My second Screen Print from my recent studio time “Love From Above” is now available to buy online in Framedink Shop/Store.

Large A1 Limited Edition Screen Print – Love from Above (1/58)

Title: 1. Love from Above | “Is All We Need” (1/58)

Edition: 1/58 (Total of 58 in Edition)

Unique Edition: 1/1 (This is 1 out of 1 in a Unique Series from a total of 58 in the Edition)

All Prints are Signed/Numbered and Dated.


Screen Print – Black, Yellow, Emerald Green.

Stencil – Light Blue and Water Green (Under Screen Print).

Paper – Sky Blue.

Size: A1 – 59.5x84cms (Made to fit Ikea 70x100cm Ribba FramePlease Note: Frames Not Included.

Description: A large hand pulled Screen Print. This piece of work focuses, references and contains symbolism relating to the hypocrisy of the governments policies and handling of taxation on cigarettes/alcohol, the newly appointed smoking laws, the availability of medicinal drugs to treat smoking related diseases and conditions, and its policies on illegal drugs. It looks at the hierarchy of who benefits and who suffers in society, whilst remembering both sides of the arguement for and against the taxation of medicinal drugs both legal and illegal. Like everything in life there are some prints that you may think look better than others, but I only see beauty in there flaws and imperfections which make them unique (some would say more valuable). These prints have paint or marker individually done by hand.

Collectors Rewards and Wholesale Prices to Gallery and High Street Traders Enquire via Contact Section.

Please note: If you have any questions about shipping please don’t hesitate to enquire via Contact Section.

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