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Interview Format: This section aims to bring you interviews from artists/designers/illustrators who have influenced and inspired me along the way, hopefully they will inspire you too, whilst getting an insight into what makes them tick and how they work and create.

From a list of questions the interviewee can choose to answer as little or as many as they like, as long or as short as they like or have time for, explained or unexplained – but they are asked to answer only one option of either OR within the question…


“Tomo is a feral Scouse street urchin made in the peoples republic, ‘Straight Outta Huyton Huyton Two Dogs Fightin’ – he travels the highways and byways of the world plying his trade as a Painter, Decorator, Hitcher, Hiker, Waif, Stray, Squater, Globetrotter, Pacifist, Illusionist, Sofa Surfer, Scavenger, Printer, Sprinter, Recycler, Cycler, Illustrator, Paster (Not a Preacher), a Teacher, a Sun, Star and Sea Reacher who puts people before profit…You’ll Never Roam Alone”

Q1. Delete or Save?

A1. Save, everyones had a daydream where they were saving the day have they not? I remember this one time I came up with a great idea and it was looking to become true, I was about to become the man who would save the day! But then I let one go and followed through by accident, I had to go back home and peel my kecks off and then I was too late to save the day properly.

Q2. Where your from OR Where your at?

A2. Where I’m from is where I was at and where I’m at will become where I’m from. I’ll go with where I’m at, no time like the present!

Q3. Technology OR Tradition?

A3. Tradition, although technology can be quite useful when it’s not going shit. Although if the house was burning or the shit was about to go down, I’d always grab my swiss army knife before the computer.

Q4. Home OR Away?

A4. One can have many homes. Like a sailor.

Q5. Its what you know OR Its who you know?

A5. I’d prefer to think that what you know is more important, but then we cant exist alone, where would the fun in that be?

Q6. Wall OR Canvas?

A6. A nice bit of wall is what I’m feeling more right now.

Q7. Keeping it real OR Selling out?

A7. Keeping it real of course, you cant break a man with integrity.

Q8. Underground OR Mainstream?

A8. I think the underground is more fun, just look at that scene in the film Escape From New York when the crazies start to come out from underground.

Q9. Personal OR Social?

A9. Personally I’m quite sociable.

Q10. Sight OR Sound?

A10. Some of these questions remind me a bit of when one of your old mates keeps giving you those imaginary scenario’s where the outcome is particularly dreadful no matter which answer you choose and they just laugh at whatever answer you choose. I really don’t know which one I’d go for here.

Q11. For the love of OR For the money?

A11. For the love! FUCK money.

Tomo: www.quangowangism.com

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