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Website: Gary Taxali


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Website: www.jamesjoyce.co.uk

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Part Six

Photography from recent studio time has now been uploaded to my Flickr Archive page.

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ – A2 Screen Print Now Available To Buy

My third screen print is now available to buy online in Framedink Shop/Store.

Title: A2 Limited Edition Screen Print – The Elephant’s Graveyard

Edition: Total of 50 in Edition.

All Prints are Signed/Numbered and Dated.

Colours: Yellow/Red/Black.

Size: A1 – 42x59cms (Made to fit Ikea 50x70cm or 70x100cm Ribba Frame)

Please Note: Frames Not Included.

Description: A large hand pulled Screen Print. ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ print comes from a piece of work called ‘The Party is Over’ in which I used the acid house smiley face over a skull to represent the death of the acid house scene. ‘The Elephant’s Graveyard’ is a place where, according to legend, older elephants instinctively direct themselves when they reach a certain age. They then die there alone, far from the group. The term is also a metaphor for a resting place of a collection, group or type. The composition is based on that of The Scream by Edvard Munch using the psychological phenomenon of Pareidolia as a form of stimulus.

Please note: If you have any questions about shipping please don’t hesitate to enquire via Contact Section.

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Part Three

As you will see below I’ve been busy! The good thing is I now actually have some analogue art in the form of Limited Edition Screen Prints and T-shirts that you can touch and more importantly to my mortgage lender…hopefully buy!

I have really been enjoying my time in the studio if not hammering it, some may even deem me to be a screen print bore…but the upside of all this is I have another two prints on the way and will be moving to some bigger one off canvas pieces in summer.

I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but if you have been following my Blog for a while you will see this print contains the Acid Skull with a few new elements like Indian Elephants and Mushrooms thrown in pot.

Print will be available to buy shortly.

Take care.

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Flyers

During the printing process I decided to print some extra prints to cut down into small ‘Flyers’, these individual prints are unique  in themselves and will be used to launch the release of the finished prints, so keep your eyes peeled…

I found these recession busting rubber letter stamps for £0.99p, bargain, lets get dirty!

Using File binders to hold the wooden blocks that the rubber letters sit on in place they made quite nice stamps.

The results are Ye Olde Drunken Letterpress Typesetting…who needs Apple Macs?

Finished Prints will be available at Octopi Shop & Gallery, 81 Renshaw Street (Opposite Rapid near The Dispensary Pub)

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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Parts One & Two

Hello again, hope all is Well.

Time is precious at the moment so will make this short and sweet. I have finally found a Print Space!! The studio space is called The Well and is in Liverpool. Here are a few Photo’s from my recent Screen Printing session.

The Studio is excellent and the people who run it and use it are just as nice. I’ll explain more in time and will also put more Photo’s on my Flickr (when time permits).

The results of my recent studio time will be for sale through my Shop very soon.

I have done two sets of Limited Edition & Unique Prints, one is a Triptych and the other is just plain Trippy!

So keep an eye on my Blog and I appreciate your continued support. Don’t worry you will be hearing from me when they are released for sale…

Hold tight for my New Website, it is on the way (I know I have been saying that for along time but I’ve been spinning plates of late…lots of them!)

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