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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Part Five

This post is a bit of a rush job and very belated, but I haven’t been getting into the studio that much of late due to the hum drum of keeping a roof over my head, the man off my back and some new boots on my feet, but this is how it goes. So after a busy summer I’ve got a back log of posts, tales and unfinished work to catch up on…and it will soon be Christmas!

The studio time was broken into three sessions of long days across July and August, resulting in x250 Coloured Sugar Paper, x250 Black Sugar Paper and x250 Rice Paper hand pulled screen prints.

The resulting image is a four layer screen print with Gold spray. The original image mixes paint, pastel and collage to form an Abstract Self Portrait, which uses the composition of traditional self portraiture merged with the subconscious iconoclastic imagery of my childhood (which up until recently I didn’t even realise had been such an influence on my work…and must probably the only religious thing left in me).

As you can see x4 layers along with x6 inks has produced quite a few permutations, to which I intend to add extra layers from another screen along with hand drawn and painted elements.

Ill be photographing and uploading the finished prints soon, so keep your eyes peeled and I’ll bring you news as and when they go on sale. So why not “Be Yocal, Buy Local!”…make a difference during the recession and support original artists, why buy reproduction art when you can support your local artists, consider it an investment!

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