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Interview Format: This section aims to bring you interviews from artists/designers/illustrators who have influenced and inspired me along the way, hopefully they will inspire you too, whilst getting an insight into what makes them tick and how they work and create.

From a list of questions the interviewee can choose to answer as little or as many as they like, as long or as short as they like or have time for, explained or unexplained – but they are asked to answer only one option of either OR within the question…


“…SKWAK is a french illustrator from North of France, his unique graphic universe (Maniac World) is soaked, choking. His works revisite the childrens fairy tales and the universal myths. The adventures his characters (the Maniacs) are living are inspired from our daily life (love stories, treason, manipulation…) but are exaggerated to absurd: they express the idea of “too much”, the idea of escalation, through power, wealth, plastic surgery, celebrity..”

Q1. Delete or Save?

A1. Save!!!!!!!!

Q2. Where your from OR Where your at?

A2. Where I’m at.

Q3. Technology OR Tradition?

A3. Tradition of the technology.

Q4. Home OR Away?

A4. Home…sweet home.

Q5. Its what you know OR Its who you know?

A5. I don’t know ; )

Q6. Wall OR Canvas?

A6. Both.

Q7. Keeping it real OR Selling out?

A7. Keep it real.

Q8. Underground OR Mainstream?

A8. It’s the same.

Q9. Personal OR Social?

A9. Perso….

Q10. Sight OR Sound?


Q11. For the love of OR For the money?

A11. Ahahah…for my love for the money for my love.

Skwak: www.skwak.com

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