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PRINTS | Screen Printing: Studio Time – Parts One & Two

Hello again, hope all is Well.

Time is precious at the moment so will make this short and sweet. I have finally found a Print Space!! The studio space is called The Well and is in Liverpool.¬†Here are a few Photo’s from my recent Screen Printing session.

The Studio is excellent and the people who run it and use it are just as nice. I’ll explain more in time and will also put more Photo’s on my Flickr (when time permits).

The results of my recent studio time will be for sale through my Shop very soon.

I have done two sets of Limited Edition & Unique Prints, one is a Triptych and the other is just plain Trippy!

So keep an eye on my Blog and I appreciate your continued support. Don’t worry you will be hearing from me when they are released for sale…

Hold tight for my New Website, it is on the way (I know I have been saying that for along time but I’ve been spinning plates of late…lots of them!)

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