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ORIGINALS | Take 2 by William Johnston

ORIGINALS | Take 2 by William Johnston

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March 19, 2013 · 12:43 pm

ORIGINALS | Take 1 by William Johnston

ORIGINALS | Take 1 by William Johnston


‘Take 1’ is a piece of work I did this morning after watching a documentary called ‘Horizon – The Creative Brain: How Insight Works’ which looks at how ideas, inspiration and creativity are formed. Areas of the documentary that interested me the most were the scientists looking at science psychology in Jazz and the breaking of cognitive behavioural habits as a way to boost creativity.

So when this mornings  Junk Mail fell through my door, instead of disposing of it I cut it up and threw it on the scanner and made copies of the various random arrangements. The idea of probability and the eventual infinite outcomes within art is something I’m very interested in and have looked into with my AKA series.

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EXHIBITION | William Johnston – AKA’s, Parallel Personas and Self Portraits

'AKA's, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits'

Framedink Editions is a limited edition screen print shop/store set up by the artist William Johnston in 2005 as an outlet to sell his own print editions and a selection of other artists work from around the world.

In 2010 William Johnston embarked on a body of work that has been 2 years in the making and is now preparing for forthcoming exhibitions.

‘AKA’s, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits’ is a series of work born out of his decision to drop his adopted artistic pseudonym whilst visiting Berlin, a love/hate relationship with Technology and his love for the pondering of our existence and perception of the Universe.


This work looks at/deals with the psychology behind personal identity, online behaviour, communication, security and alter egos, with the narrative of Physics and iconoclasm as a back drop.

'AKA's, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits'

The initial work formed through experimentation with the mathematics of probability as a method to produce his final series of original and unique hand altered screen prints – comprising of 15 screens printed onto a 1000+ pieces of coloured paper in 15 colours and a palette of 15 paint & ink colours, a selection were then hand altered using acrylic paint/oil stick or spray paint…you do the maths! Its safe to say that no 2 pieces are the same!

This work lead to a larger body of accompanying original paintings and installations.

'AKA's, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits'

Trained in Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design – this has subsequently enabled him to form unique reference points and extensive creative knowledge which he applies with finesse and inventiveness.

He is an advocate of the Liverpool Art scene and curated the ‘This Is Liverpool’ edition of Creative Review in December 2011.

William Johnston is currently organising exhibitions for Spring/Summer 2013 and is open to offers of representation, exhibitions, interviews, commissions and collaborations.

William Johnston – www.williamanthonyjohnston.co.uk

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