EXHIBITION | William Johnston – ‘AKA’s, Parallel Personas and Self Portraits’

EXHIBITION | William Johnston – 'AKA’s, Parallel Personas and Self Portraits'

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January 15, 2014 · 9:48 pm

PRINTS | No Love From Above – Budget Day 2013

PRINTS | Love From Above

As its Budget Day I thought it appropriate to post and explain my ‘Love From Above’ print. This print looks at how Tax benefits the two biggest drug barons in our country – The Government and The Monarchy

PRINTS | Love From Above

This piece of work focuses, references and contains symbolism relating to the hypocrisy of the governments policies and handling of taxation on cigarettes/alcohol, the recently appointed smoking laws, the availability of medicinal drugs to treat smoking related diseases and conditions, and its policies on illegal drugs. It looks at the hierarchy of those who benefit and those who suffer within society, whilst remembering both sides of the argument for and against the taxation of medicinal drugs both legal and illegal.

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ORIGINALS | Take 2 by William Johnston

ORIGINALS | Take 2 by William Johnston

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March 19, 2013 · 12:43 pm

ORIGINALS | Take 1 by William Johnston

ORIGINALS | Take 1 by William Johnston


‘Take 1’ is a piece of work I did this morning after watching a documentary called ‘Horizon – The Creative Brain: How Insight Works’ which looks at how ideas, inspiration and creativity are formed. Areas of the documentary that interested me the most were the scientists looking at science psychology in Jazz and the breaking of cognitive behavioural habits as a way to boost creativity.

So when this mornings  Junk Mail fell through my door, instead of disposing of it I cut it up and threw it on the scanner and made copies of the various random arrangements. The idea of probability and the eventual infinite outcomes within art is something I’m very interested in and have looked into with my AKA series.

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GRAFFITI | Some 90’s Memories – Zeeburg Amsterdam

Zeeburg 1

Above are some shots I took whilst camping in Amsterdam around 1996…yes there is a camp site in Amsterdam – you should try it, its a trip! Camping Zeeburg looked nothing like it does now, forget all this Glamping nonsense…picture a healthy mix of Homeboys, Hippies, Hells Angels and Funky Dreads.

Zeeburg 2

Happy Days with Mr G and Curtis in the Stud Coffee Shop and the Ajax Lads…”Fuckin Juve!”

The Pharcyde – Passin Me By In my younger days…

Zeeburg 3

Get out the way man!

Eek a MouseGanja Smuggling

 Please contact me if you can identify any of these pieces! Peace!

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